Cartae Open School

2017-2018 recipient of Cartae Open School. Cartae is an alternative learning space for the exploration of contemporary art modes, ideas and criticality, and their applications to individual practices. It is a site of experimentation, dialogue, creation, and research. Cartae is an initiative of aceartinc. My ongoing work at Cartae involves the development of an ongoing…

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Whiny Femmes

2016-2018 Co-founder, Co-editor, Co-designer Whiny Femmes is a submission-based collection of art and writing by queer femmes of all genders. Volume 1 (2017) features 75 pages with 48 contributors from around the world. Whiny Femmes is a space to honour the multiplicity of femme lived experience and is an attempt to foster a space of sharing, tenderness, resistance, and healing. Read online for free…

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2016-2017 Art collective member and project coordinator CONSTELACIONES was a project-based collective for Return Atacama, where the group traveled to Chile’s infamously storied Atacama Desert to return a large set of vibrant sculptural forms. The heavy ceramic forms, created by Martinez, are woven from stratified layers of Chilean history and from diasporic and nomadic trajectories resulting from the…


We Care Quilt

2015-2017 he We Care Quilt (created in 2015-2016) is a community made quilt engaging Indigenous and non-Indigenous people to take a stance against violence against Indigenous women, girls, and two-spirit people. Individuals were able to make manifestations of their care by crafting a We Care Square. The project was facilitated by the University of Winnipeg’s…

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2016-2017 “(Sk)Inquiring Self(ie)—Representations: Aesthetic Agency, Ethics, & the Other” First Friday Lecture (performance lecture) at Mentoring Artists for Women’s Art (MAWA). Scholarly article published in University of Winnipeg’s Crossings, No. 1. Panel presentation with “Erotic Agents and Contestations of Control” at the 16th Annual Red River Women’s Studies Conference: Bodies, Spaces, and Powers, University of North Dakota.

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Flock Art Collective

2016 Founder & coordinator of young feminist art group, Flock Art Collective, at Mentoring Artists for Women’s Art (MAWA). The collective invited all women and non-binary people between the ages of 20-26 to the join the youngster feminist killjoy crit and craft club. With a foundation on intersectional feminism, the aim of this group was…

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