2009, 2022. Mixed media, 24×30″. Loose Ends group exhibition, 2020/2021 Foundation Mentorship Program. Mentoring Artists for Women’s Art (MAWA), Winnipeg, MB, June 3-24, 2022. Photos 3-8 by Karen Asher.

2009 is dedicated to my late father and the year that we both graduated from high school.

Loose Ends exhibition statement: Unfinished business. Lost memories. Scraps. Leftovers. How do loose ends speak in our practices? How do we translate remnants into form? In this group exhibition, 2020-2021 MAWA mentees grapple with the ephemerality and materiality of their personal and collective archives. Through installation, fibre art, jewelry, and lens-based work, this exhibition interrogates the embedded history in materials and objects. Traces are preserved, reworked, or incorporated as a means of processing or making visible the loose ends that drive our practices.