Christina HajjarChristina Hajjar (Winnipeg, MB, Treaty 1 Territory & Homeland of the Métis Nation) is a first-generation Lebanese-Canadian queer femme emerging artist, writer, and organizer. She attends aceartinc’s Cartae Open School, where her practice grapples with diaspora, intergenerational inheritance, food, feminism, and queerness written on the body. She focuses on intimacy and ritual through mediums of performance, poetry, and installation.

Hajjar is passionate about collaboration and has performed internationally with her collective, CONSTELACIONES. She is a co-founder and co-editor of Whiny Femmes, a publication of art and writing by queer femmes of all genders. She is also a co-founder and co-editor of Flux Writing Program at Flux Gallery, exhibiting art by early-stage emerging artists. Her other organizing involves sitting on the programming committees of Mentoring Artists for Women’s Art and Flux Gallery, as well as co-founding QTPOC Drop the Mic with QPOC Winnipeg, a bi-annual poetry and performance night of queer and trans artists of colour. She is currently the Communications Manager at Creative Manitoba.

Hajjar has recently completed undergrads in Women’s and Gender Studies and Business and Administration. A Student of Highest Distinction on the Dean’s Honour List, she was also awarded the O.T. Anderson Award for distinguished academic and extracurricular achievement. In addition to Cartae, her recent arts training and development includes the Feminist Art Conference Residency (Toronto), the Artist as Repertoire: Unceded Imaginaries work group at eXcéntrico: dissidence, sovereignties, performance (Chile), and a residency at the greenhouse: a feminist artlab for making and thinking (Winnipeg).


Photo on home page by Lindsey Bond.