Feeding Diaspora

A food culture column through the lens of diaspora, race, and queerness published online and in print at The Uniter. ‘They didn’t know we were seeds’: care and pleasure in difficult times September 19, 2019 Despite a weariness toward personal, familial, political and economic turmoil, I am energized by the capacity for food and other…

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paper trace

Published in invisibilities, issue no. 2 (Home). 1. the first and only time I’ve had my tarot cards read she said, something happened to you at a young age                    there was a death searching my face she adds             or a significant life…

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Eye-Rolling, Disrupting, and World-Building: Embodying the Feminist Killjoy

Introductory remarks made at Sara Ahmed * Closing The Door: Complaint as Diversity Work, October 2, 2019, West End Cultural Centre, Winnipeg, MB. Thank you. Thank you to Dr. Corinne Mason and Dr. Roewan Crowe for inviting me today, and those who spoke before me [Corinne Mason (Brandon University), Dr. Albert McLeod (Two Spirit Manitoba), Renu…

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Published in Prairie Fire: a Canadian magazine of New Writing, Summer 2018, Vol 39, No. 2 Mom said we come from the mountain people     in Beqaa valley and I wonder if all those winds wrapped her     tumbleweed here Mom says she will retire somewhere hot to rest easy and give her skin the sun it needs…

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Salt Stain

Published in Paperwait, Volume 20, aceartinc (2017-18), p. 63-64. Christina Hajjar Salt Stain Video installation Videography and editing by Hassaan Ashraf 2018 Salt Stain Mom picked so many grapeleaves last spring. She reconnected with a cousin who owns a Lebanese restaurant and pickles the leaves to use through the year. She decided to pick an…

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Kitchen Pedagogy

Published in From the Root, “Home,” issue 4, Spring, 2017 Kitchen Pedagogy In the kitchen she tells me stories what it was like Her narratives interrupted by life stuff – the baby, the phone, her sub-stories intermittent with her instructions I am tunnel vision: pen. paper. To record her hand’s memory Of ratios for rich…

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