Whiny Femmes is a submission-based collection of art and writing by queer femmes of all genders. The zine is a space to honour the multiplicity of femme lived experience and is an attempt to foster a space of sharing, tenderness, resistance, and healing. Whiny Femmes celebrates sassy/ grumpy/ sad/ pouty/ loudmouth/ extra/ resilient/ resistant/ badass/ bratty/ takenoshit/ tough/ tender/ bitter/ sweet femmes. ❤ ❤ ❤ Whiny Femmes is created by Christina Hajjar and Jules Hardy.

Volume 2: luv letters (Summer 2018)


  • 27 contributors from around the world
  • 52 full colour glossy pages with full bleeds
  • Legal size paper, folded to 8.5×7 pages
  • Commissioned cover art by Raychelle Duazo

In this issue themed ~luv letters~ our contributors demonstrate the value of cultivating and challenging love and the concept itself. Through this collection of works we experience various kinds of love, with recipients ranging from the self and the body, to friends, lovers, community, and the public. This zine takes us through the deep heart of self-reflection, compassion, empowerment, fulfillment, yearning, coping, and growing.

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Volume 1 (Summer 2017)

Whiny Femmes (Vol 1)

  • 75 pages ft contributors from around the world!
  • Colour cover on pink paper & BW inside on white paper.
  • 8.5×11 letter size pages, 11×17 paper.

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On femme identity:

(From letter from the editors, Vol 1)
It is notoriously difficult to pin down a definition of femme identity. However, we feel that attempts at such definition should keep the meaning of the term ambiguous, fluid, and up to one’s own interpretation. Femmes are not always women. Femme identity does not belong to cis lesbians & queer women, and it definitely does not belong to The Hets. Femme is a queer gender identity. Femme is not necessarily counter to Butch. Femme is not just about feminine expression. Femme does not operate on a binary. Femme is a QUEER identity that has deep roots in queer communities. We don’t feel like femme identity is static. While many people explicitly identify as femme, femmeness can also be a part of anyone’s queer experience.


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