2015-2018 Co-founder of QTPOC Drop the Mic with QPOC Winnipeg.

Drop the Mic is a bi-annual event which has coincided with Genderfest Winnipeg, Pride Winnipeg, Black History Month, and C2C: Two-Spirit and QPOC Call to Conversation Conference.

The evening features a lineup of poetry, performance, and comedy by queer and trans artists of colour, with an open mic segment.

Vivek Shraya
QTPOC Drop the Mic #4 with special guest Vivek Shraya. Photo by Kelly Campbell.
QTPOC Drop the Mic #7 with special guest Joshua Whitehead. Photo by Sadie-Phoenix Lavoie.


October 20, 2017, QTPOC Drop the Mic: C2C Edition, C2C: Two-Spirit and QPOC Call to Conversation Conference – Joshua Whitehead and Hiromi Goto, Len David, Victoria Inglis, Malaikah Rang’inya, User Unknown, and WOKE comedy hour’s Elissa Black Wolf Kixen, Sasha Mark, and Danielle Kayahara; hosted by Chimwemwe Undi

June 4, 2017, QTPOC Drop the Mic#6, Pride Winnipeg –  Kev aka SlayTana, Kari Labun, Queentite, Jacq Pelland, Rampage, Autumn Crossman, Len, Devon Delorme, Mariana Cañadas; hosted by Hazim Ismail

February 11, 2017, QTPOC Drop the Mic #5, Genderfest Winnipeg – Sharanpal Ruprai, Sadie-Phoenix Lavoie, MC Woke, User unknown, Like That, Hazim, Malaikah Rang’inya; hosted by Serenity Joo

June 15, 2016, QTPOC DTM #4 with Vivek Shraya, Pride Winnipeg – Vivek Shraya, Adrienne Yeung, Tharuna Abbu, Edmund, Chimwemwe Undi, Devon Delorme, Hazim Ismail; hosted by CJ

February 9, 2016, QTPOC Drop the Mic #3, Genderfest Winnipeg – Edmund, Tasha Spillett, Victoria Perrie, Autumn Crossman, Seigred Cortez, Like That, Urban Indigenous Theatre Co. (Siigwan Ferland, Brenda Pollok, & Victoria Perrie); hosted by Alexa Joy Potashnik

June 14, 2015, QTPOC Drop the Mic #2, Pride Winnipeg – Rosanna Deerchild, Kitty Kittie, Aisha Walker, Mariana, CJ, Alexa Potashnik, Shimby Zegeye, Olivia Onuk, Mona Mousa, Chubrub Productions

February 11, 2015, QTPOC Drop the Mic, Genderfest Winnipeg – Rosanna Deerchild, Chimwemwe Undi, Kitty Kittie, Tavis Walker, Mariana, QueenTite, Scarlet Gray, CJ, Olivia Onuk, Trish Salah

Header photo: Hiromi Goto at Drop the Mic #7: C2C, by Sadie-Phoenix Lavoie.