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Mission (November 9, 2018)

We are a group of current and former Stella’s café employees who came together to share our experiences and provide support to each other. Our purpose is to offer a safe community where people who have experienced sexual harassment, unethical work practices, discrimination and human rights violations can use their voices without fear.

We stand in solidarity with the current employees of Stella’s who continue to endure this toxic work environment and the impact this will have on their employment. We would like changes to be made as quickly as possible in order to improve conditions immediately.


Stella’s exploits their staff and cultivates an unsafe work environment. Stella’s fails to protect their women, trans and non-binary employees. Stella’s demeans and manipulates their staff. This behavior is perpetuated by the highest-ranking men in management and trickles down through the entire company.
We demand that they do better.

This is where they can start:

  1. Publicly acknowledge they are responsible for allowing these violations to have occurred and continue to occur unchallenged for an extended period.
  2. A formal, public apology should be issued from the owners and upper management who were directly responsible for these violations.
  3. The prompt removal of Grant Anderson and Brad Burrows.
  4. Monetary restitution to be utilized for providing mental health services to former or current employees who were affected by these violations.
  5. The creation of a Human Resources department within the company that provides on-going accountability, training for all leadership and an impartial arbiter between management and staff.


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