doris-geography-of-memoryApril 23, 2016


Mentoring Artists for Women’s Art (MAWA, 611 Main St.)

QPOC Winnipeg is thrilled to welcome artist and activist Doris Difarnecio, travelling from Chiapas, Mexico.

Join us for this artist talk and participatory workshop on the Geopraphy of Memory, centering on community empowerment through oral history performance with groups of women organized toward social change in gender politics and the advancement of human rights.

PRESENTATION: A visual presentation of the theatrical work and trajectory of the various groups engaged in the practice of popular theatre like FOMMA (Strength of the Mayan Woman) and First Nations Women from Winnipeg and Hollow Water, Canada. Also, urban interventions created and inspired by theatre against femicide in Chiapas will be included such as her work with Arte Acción (link below).

WORKSHOP: Corporal and gestural techniques will be continually revitalized in participants through various theatrical strategies, dance, method acting, improvisation and writing. Remembering and acting through scene development, testimony and dramaturgy will lead to uncovering individual stories, intuitive acting, and expressive abilities. The practice of popular theatre seeks to sharpen concentration and writing in order to propell agency and affect in the practice of the politics of body and memory.

$10 donation/ sliding scale (pay what you can)
Registration not required.
This event is for everyone interested in the intersection of art and social justice. All genders and abilities are welcome.

Popular theatre framed through oral history performance brings in a remembering of an “inherited ancestral legacy of indigenous oral tradition and ritual” and as a form of performance art, tackles issues of race, gender, economic inequality and sexual violence. This theatre, practiced by Quiche, Mayan and First Nations Women, requires strength and the will and power to remember with rigor and expression. Writing and creating a play based on testimony is a bold act of art and resistance.
In Mexico where Doris presently lives and continues to direct theatre, she had the opportunity to work with FOMMA (Strength of the Mayan Women), a Mayan writers collective in San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas from 1999 to 2013. They created a repertoire of fifteen plays performed by the women and members of the theatre company. The dramaturgy and content of the plays focused on social issues affecting their individual communities, like women’s rights, literacy, cultural survival, ecology, maternal death, health, and gender politics. The plays toured nationally and internationally to tzeltal and tzotzil communities in the highland of Chiapas, Mexico, Mexico City, Central America, Guatemala and Nicaragua, Argentina, Brazil, Spain, Egypt and the United States.

Doris Difarnecio
Masters in Social Science and Humanities/CESMECA/ UNICACH. University of Social Science, Art and Humanities. Chiapas, Mexico.
Programa Oficial de Posgrado en Estudios Latinoamericanos
Master Europeo en Estudios Latinoamericanos “Diversidad cultural y complejidad social”, Universidad complutense, Spain, Madrid.

Alliance: Arte Acción

MAWA is a wheelchair accessible venue with gender-inclusive washrooms.

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Thanks to QPOC Winnipeg for sponsoring this event.