since we last spokeOctober 27-November 4, 2017

Flux Gallery (2-290 McDermot Ave.)


A solo exhibition of work by Sophie Sabet. Please join us for the opening reception of “Since We Last Spoke” October 27 from 7-10pm.

Artist Statement
Since We Last Spoke is an autobiographical three-channel video installation exploring the intricacies and tribulations of a modern Iranian-Canadian home. This project is a personal exploration of the impact of displacement on my family due to migration, and the consequent interpersonal and cultural frictions. Each member of my family has been confronted with complex challenges, and my parents’ choice to relocate from East to West has fractured the harmony between our home and society. Over the years, our diverging struggles spawned from displacement have alienated us from one another, fragmenting the family.

Following our immigration to Canada, my father would frequently travel back to Iran. During these lengthy periods apart, my parents would write letters to each other in Farsi describing their daily lives and hopes for the future. I have asked my parents to revisit these letters written between 1997-2004. In the the silent video portraits featured in the installation these letters come back to life as my father hears his reflections and thoughts spoken by my mother, and in turn my father speaks my mother’s words back to her. The videos capture my parents’ reactions as they listen to each other read these letters years later.

The stresses endured by immigrant families such as ours are frequently overlooked. We are stripped of a familiar community, and left to navigate this strenuous process in isolation. My position as an insider within this family has allowed me to capture the honest and fragile moments that point to fundamental problems surrounding acculturation and displacement. Since We Last Spoke reveals a portrait of a family coping with the realities and consequences of immigration.

Sophie Sabet is an emerging media artist working predominantly in video. As an Iranian-born woman raised in Canada, her work focuses on exploring identity and the influences of the diasporic experience within the domestic sphere. She holds a BA in Art History from Queens University, and a MFA in Documentary Media Studies at Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada.

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