Founder & coordinator of young feminist art group, Flock Art Collective, at Mentoring Artists for Women’s Art (MAWA).

The collective invited all women and non-binary people between the ages of 20-26 to the join the youngster feminist killjoy crit and craft club. With a foundation on intersectional feminism, the aim of this group was to discuss identity politics in art and to get creative together, focusing on themes of resistance, solidarity, and “the Other.”


This collective gathered during the winter of 2016 and installed Twilight Flight at the MAWA mini gallery in April, 2016.

Twilight Flight is an affirmation of virtual collection and psychical ownership. Navigating body positivity in the public and the private, Flock Art Collective creates a montage of their self-love and self-care associations. They embrace selfies and other social media participation as feminist art and self-curation, customizing their own visual domains, deciding how they take up space and what they surround themselves with. The birds that are suspended from the ceiling were created during a crafting session together, carrying nourishing messages and secrets. We replicate our digital feeds and convert it into a material that occupies the background, glitching the aesthetic of wallpaper.