femme den

February 1, 2016


Rainbow Resource Centre (170 Scott St.)

Genderfest presents, Femme Den! A drop in space for hanging out, conversations, art, play, make up, glitter, snacking, cackling, etc. It is a free, all-ages event, held in the library of the Rainbown Resource Centre.

This event is a cozy, casual, co-created space open to femmes of all genders and experiences. We are not interested in policing anyone’s gender; even if you’re new to femme-ness, or just femme-curious, you are WELCOME. We will provide some cushions and blankets, snacks, and “luxury supplies” (read: non-scented lotions and communal glitter). Please feel free to bring items for sharing and for play: make up, food and snacks, craft supplies (no nail polish please, this is a scent-free space!). whatever makes you happy and brings out the qween you are. This is a co-created space, so we are building it together!

Come and go between 6-9:30 pm as you please (we will begin clean-up at 9:15). Use the rear dor of RRC, accessible through the parking lot around the NE side of the building. The library is a wheelchair accessible space.

A note on consent: The idea is to create a cozy and play-oriented space. This means we wish people to feel comfortable, while doing the things that you find to be joyous and fun. “Cozy” implies physical comfort, whether that be lounging near others, or sitting by oneself in a pile of pillows. Please respect the wants and boundaries of yourself and others: check in before getting snuggly, be sure you ask before braiding someone’s hair or glitter-bombing, and also feel free to ask if you want another to do your make up or give a hand massage! Building community takes work, and that’s why we’re here. Facilitators are Jazmin and Christina, who will be available all night to make sure the needs of everyone are met as best we can. Please comment or message with questions/concerns.