sarasvati cabaret

March 5, 2014


The HIVE,  University of Winnipeg

This event is free and wheelchair accessible. Tea, coffee, and light refreshments will be provided.

In celebration of International Women’s Week, The Institute for Women’s and Gender Studies and The UW Womyn’s/Trans*/Non-binary centre present four pieces from Sarasvati Transformative’s Cabaret of Monologues.

The monologues are by Canadian playwrights performed by a talented local cast. Four monologues will be performed including:

1) Teen Trucker by Sara Arenson, performed by Ashley Kowalchuk: 18-year old Genevieve has finally achieved her dream career of becoming a long-haul truck driver. On her first solo trip, she tells a hitchhiker about her struggles against social and parental expectation, and how she discovered a brighter vision for her future.

2) White girl problems by Francis Koncan, performed by Shanley Spence: A stream–‐of–‐consciousness rant by a Mixed–‐race girl growing up in a largely Caucasian world.

3) The Entaglement: The nature of a woman- slam poetry written and performed by Ali Tataryn

4) Reflection by Sarah Simpson-Yellowquill, performed by Hailley Rhoda: When 17 year old Claire looks in the mirror, what does she see? Certainly not the image in her favourite magazine. If she can’t shape up she might be single forever.

The whole show will take place at Prairie Theatre Exchange on the evening of March 7th and 8th. Tickets are $10.

This year’s theme of the cabaret is Rise Up, which means that stories will focus on young women, the next generation of subversion, new forms of advocacy and ways women tackle adversity.